Saturday, March 27, 2010

Simone & Katia's Miso Salmon

The other night a friend, Simone, that lives around the corner came over for dinner. She brought over some lovely salmon steaks which we marinated in the left over sweet miso sauce I made for the eggplants (see Nasu Dengaku post below). We grilled the salmon and served it with sushi rice and salad - YUM! Ensure you rest the salmon for the same amount of time it was in the grill. This ensures the salmon cooks through.

Simone brought over logans and jelly. I love jelly!!! This one was no exception - the mango jelly crystals were from the asian grocers and Simone had put lychees in it before it set.

Sweet Miso Salmon

Sweet Miso Marinade
- 1/2 cup red miso paste
- 1 cup dashi
- 2 tablespoon sugar
- 2 tablespoon mirin
- 3-4 teaspoons flour or 2 teaspoons of corn starch

- 2 salmon steaks with skin on

1. Use a double boiler to make the sauce. Dissolve sugar and mirin and then add all the miso and use a whisk to mix.

2. Gradually add the dashi, whisking until it is all completely dissolved and mixed.

3. Add the flour and whisk to ensure no lumps. Take off the heat and let cool and thicken.

4. I cut the salmon steaks in half long-ways so they cook evenly. Marinate the salmon in the miso sauce for 15 minutes.

5. Place in hot grill, skin side up. I cooked mine for about 5 minutes but the time will vary depending on your grill. As soon as the skins starts becoming crispy take the salmon out and rest it on a plate for the same time that you cooked it for.

6. Serve with sushi rice (available dry at supermarkets) and salad. You can also serve it with any remaining sauce that wasn't used for the marinade.


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