Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dino's Deli Breaky

I arrived in Melbourne late last night and this morning went out for breaky with Nick and the family. We went to Dino's Deli on Chapel Street. Last time I was in Melbourne I went here with friends for tapas and throughly enjoyed myself. The restaurant is split into several rooms, all with different themes - there's the 'library' with a brandy cabinet and books drawn onto the wall; the wine room surrounded by empty bottles of stunning wines and a red room. Even though the restaurant was full, it still felt very intimate. The drink menu has an extensive list of wines, brandys and liquors. The food menu has a page dedicated to explanation of the different pigs and the history of each breed used for Jamon.

The same waiter that served us last time served us today. We suspect that he is the owner. It was excellent service and the drinks and food all came quickly.

I had a soy latte before breakfast and it was one of the best coffees, if not the best coffee, I've had in a long time. The coffees came out all the same temperature, noticed by Nick, even though one was soy and the other normal milk; and the froth was thick and creamy.

Dad ordered a non-alcoholic 'Bloody Gazpacho' made from tomatoes, fresh chilli, basil, garlic and worcestershire sauce. It tasted really great! Mum, Rachel and I all ordered Spanish Toast (just like French Toast) with Arrope and Poached Fruit. The arrope is a sweet Spanish kompot of sweet potato, pears, apples and cinnamon with a lovely texture to it, which matched perfectly with the toast. Last time I was at Dino's we ordered a French cheese which was served with the arrope.

Nick ordered eggs florentine and I have to say they were the best eggs florentine I have EVER had!!! Everything about it was just perfect. I think I might go back tomorrow morning and order myself one of these. Even though the menu didn't have porridge, dad ordered it. Our waiter said he has it made for him for breakfast and therefore the chef was able to make it. I didn't try any however dad did say that it was one of the best porridges he's had in Melbourne.

Highly recomment this restaurant for breakfast, dinner or after dinner drinks and tapas!
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