Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gedera - Sri Lankan Restaurant

Before I moved to the Gold Coast, Nick and I discovered a little Sri Lankan restaurant next to Monash University, Caufield called Gedera. It is a popular take away place for students and locals alike, most likely due to their large serves, delicious food and cheap prices. The staff are friendly and are passionate about the food they make. The first time we went here, all the dishes were explained to us and particular dishes were recommended.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, Hoppers are available. Hoppers aren't as I had first thought, grasshoppers but are actually very thin bowl shaped pancakes. The first time we went here I tried the string hoppers biriyani - a stirfry of sliced hoppers with vegetables, beef and spices. The food is all fresh and made to order (even though there is an empty hot food display at the counter).

Last night Nick and I went for a quick dinner to Gedera and both ordered Roti Chanai, Nick's with chicken and mine with lamb. The dish came with roti, dry coconut relish, dhal and lamb/chicken (see photo above). The lamb was so tender and had a really flavoursome sauce. The coconut relish matched perfectly!!

For dessert we had wattalapam, a typical Sri Lankan coconut, eggy custard with a distinctive palm sugar taste. Last night it was particularly tasty.

This is a great restaurant for a quick, delicious and cheap meal!

17 Derby Rd
Caulfield East VIC

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