Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Taste Of Meesh's

Tuesday night, Nick and I went to a new restaurant, called Meesh's Restaurant, for 'A Taste Of Meesh's' cocktail party.  The event was hosted to introduce the new Autumn menu.  Meesh's restaurant is located on the Burleigh Heads beachfront and has a wonderful view overlooking the beach with the high-rise buildings of Surfers Paradise lit up in the distance.

On arrival we were greeted with glasses of either shiraz, semillon sauvignon blanc, rosé or a pomegranate champagne.  Throughout the night I tasted the different wines except for the rosé and was impressed with the quality.  It's a good sign when the wine is such good quality at a function.  Nick had a glass of Hef, a beer from the Burleigh Beer Company and enjoyed it immensely.  I recommend trying this beer if you can get your hand on it - it's so delicious!

A large table draped in grapes, figs, logans and cheeses from the Hunter Valley Cheese Company filled the room and attracted the guests.  The fruit was lovely and fresh and accompanied the high quality cheeses perfectly.

Soon after arriving, canapes started circulating the restaurant.  The first canape of the night was a chicken and sweet corn soup finished with a piece of pop corn.  Such a lovely flavoured, refreshing soup made even better with the texture of the pop corn - a perfect starter.

A piece of rare steak in a rich jus, followed, which fell apart instantly in my mouth.  An array of plates full of canapes including caramelised onion, blue cheese and fig tart, smoked salmon and goat cheese toasts, chicken salad with asparagus mini tarts and skewered scampi, enticed the guests.

Later in the night I was served the most magnificent won tons filled with duck, ginger and spring onion with a plum sauce.  The won tons were wonderful and crispy and the filling was divine - just thinking of these is making my mouth water!

Coming out of the kitchen were shot glasses filled with a dark liquid with a large amount of what appeared to be thick steam flowing from them.  It looked like something that belonged in a science laboratory rather than in a restaurant!  It was soon explained the contents of the glasses - duck consomme with dry ice.  I was sketchy at first to try a consomme individual from a meal but as soon as I tasted it, it became clear why it was served in this way.  It was rich, full of duck flavour, seasoned perfectly and finished off with chives.  It was probably my favourite dish of the evening and I recommend it very highly.

The canapes finished with a small chocolate tart filled with chocolate ganache.  The wonderful, crunchy chocolate pastry harmonised with the smooth textured, rich chocolate ganache.  A few other desserts were served, however I didn't get the chance to try them.

The food was of very high standard prepared with  quality ingredients.  The food showed off the chefs high level of food knowledge and skill.   Live music played throughout the evening, adding to the ambience of the night.  I will definitely be going back here and recommend it highly to those visiting or living on the Gold Coast.

These photos were taken by Doris Pridmore from Eloquence Photography (

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